May 7 2008, 2:19pm

Is it a co-incidence that the day our History Issue came out, its cover star Shane MacGowan travelled to London to play at the 100 Club with his first band The Nipple Erectors? Err, yeah it probably is. Here's a review of last night's gig, plus some live photos, courtesy of our friend James Sherry.

All the old punks were out in force last night at the rumoured reunion between Shane MacGowan and his first punk band The Nips (aka The Nipple Erectors). Although the gig was being headlined by Seattle punks the Cute Lepers (ex-Briefs) and cult punk icon and Damned protégé Johnny Moped, the possibility of seeing the first generation Roxy punks reunited got everyone down the front early. And people could scarcely believe it when Shane suddenly appeared from the side of the stage, decked out in a top hat and clutching a bottle of Bulmers. He staggered up to the microphone, told the crowd to "Fuck off!" as the band fired-up and starting blasting through prime ’77 punk cuts like "Nervous Wreck" and "Gabrielle." The band had rehearsed, but not with Shane and although he forgot many of the words and looked bewildered in parts, he naturally fell into the role of his punk past, slurring and shouting the majority of the words he could remember. Although it was a one-off, never-to-be-repeated event, The Nips looked like they enjoyed themselves so much that I wouldn't be surprised if they start popping up at pensioner punk gigs near you soon, with or without Shane.


Photo of the author with Jerry A from Poison Idea