Watch Some Previously-Unseen Footage in This New Chinese 'Star Wars' Trailer

It's not a lot of new footage, but at this point you'll take what you can get, right?

by River Donaghey
Dec 10 2015, 4:24pm

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We're just about a week away from the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and people are fiending for whatever scraps of clips or news they can get their hands on. Even Russell Crowe is losing his shit over the nine minutes of footage he got to see ahead of the release.

On Wednesday night, a Chinese The Force Awakens trailer hit YouTube. The other international trailers we've seen have included bits and pieces of new footage that didn't make the official US trailer cut, and this one isn't any different. We get Rey saying that her history is "classified," there's some fresh new shots inside and outside the Millennium Falcon, and Kylo Ren grunts out some menacing voiceover lines.

It's nothing too explosive or mind-blowing or new, but it's worth checking out. Chinese singer-slash-heartthrob Luhan also swings around a lightsaber toy to intro the clip, for whatever that's worth.