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Most Canadians Disapprove of Donald Trump and His Anti-Muslim Policy, Poll Finds

A new poll shows that over two-thirds of Canadians disagree with Trump, although most wouldn't go so far as to ban him from their country.

by Jackie Hong
Dec 31 2015, 3:04pm

Shockingly, many Canadians don't like this dude. Photo via Facebook

To get a quick glimpse of what Canadians think of Donald Trump, one needn't look much further than the movements in Toronto and Vancouver to remove his name from Trump-owned buildings. But it seems that negative sentiment runs a little deeper: According to a new poll, a majority of Canadians disagree with the contentious US presidential contender, though a majority wouldn't bar him from entering the country.

A Forum Poll of 1,395 Canadian adults found that more than two-thirds (68 percent) disagree with the business mogul, who since launching his campaign for the GOP nomination in June has made an effort to be as racist, Islamophobic, sexist, and generally offensive as possible.

When it comes to specifics, 67 percent of Canadians are against Trump's plan to stop all Muslims from entering the US, but in true Canadian fashion, more than half (54 percent) were uncomfortable with barring Trump from Canada (although a third were fine with him never being allowed into the Great White North again). The largest opposition to Trump came from people who had voted Liberal or Green in previous federal elections (84 percent) with NDP voters coming in a close second (82 percent).

Not that Trump doesn't have his supporters, though. Just under one-fifth of Canadians (19 percent) actually approve of him, while 12 percent didn't have an opinion. Twenty-two percent are also cool with his idea of barring Muslims from entering America.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Trump got the most support in Alberta and Ontario (34 percent and 23 percent approval, respectively) and among people who voted Conservative in the latest federal election (41 percent). Approval was also more common in the youngest age group, males, and people in mid-income groups, although in each case people across all age groups, provinces and political preferences were largely against Trump in general and his call to ban Muslims.

"Trump has his adherents and defenders in Canada; they just aren't as numerous as they are in the US," Forum Research president Lorne Bozinoff said in a news release. "Canadians aren't as quick to adopt extreme positions as some Americans are, and Donald Trump's positions are certainly extreme."

Trump hasn't found much popularity among Canadian politicians either.

"I don't think anybody in Canada or around the world thinks I have anything supportive to say, or anything but condemnation, for Donald Trump," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during an interview with CTV Sunday.

Opposition leaders also weighed in when Trump first made remarks about banning Muslims from entering the US.

"They're ridiculous comments... I'm sure that by and large, even people in his party will think his comments are ridiculous," interim Conservative Party leader Rona Ambrose said.

NDP leader Tom Mulcair also condemned the idea. "I say that we should limit access to Canada for people that are spouting hatred and we should make sure that Donald Trump stays out of Canada," he said.

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