Behind the Scenes with Action Bronson at "The Symbol" Video Shoot

Check out footage, plus more information on Action's upcoming 'Rare Chandeliers' mixtape, available on November 15 exclusively through Noisey!

As the date approaches, we're starting to get weird and giddy about the release of the Rare Chandeliers mixtape, the latest offering from foodie rapper and VICE fam member, Action Bronson. The tape drops November 15 on Noisey, and it's already clinched our vote for Best Cover Art of 2012. Check out this bruiser of a cover:

Right? Right.

Now bear with us for a second before we unveil the tape's tracklisting. Usually releasing tracklists is a boring part of an album's rollout plan, and we don't do it because it's a waste of your time. But this one is an exception - take a peek at the artists that Action's paired with. Apart from Alchemist, who produced everything, we've got guest spots from Roc Marciano, Meyhem Lauren, Styles P, and Sean Price, among others.

Check the tracklisting below, but before you do, press the little triangular play button on that YouTube thingy down there: It's the official video for "The Symbol," and it features Action living out his dream of being an Albanian cocaine smuggler pulling off his last big score before ditching the drug trade.  

And again, check back on Noisey November 15 to snag that mixtape.

1. Big Body Bes Intro
2. Rare Chandeliers
3. The Symbol
4. Sylvester Lundgren Feat. Meyhem Lauren & Ag Da Coroner
5. Randy The Musical
6. Demolition Men Feat. Schoolboy Q
7. Eggs On The Third Floor
8. Modern Day Revelations Feat. Roc Marciano
9. Dennis Haskins
10. Bitch I Deserve You Feat. Evidence
11. Gateway To Wizardy Feat. Styles P
12. Bathtub 8 Feat. Deep
13. Blood Of The Goat Feat. Big Twin & Sean Price
14. Mike Vick