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Stefflon Don and Skepta Are Explosive on New Track "Ding-A-Ling"

Or, 'How Stefflon Don Continues to Knock It Out of the Park.'

by Lauren O'Neill
Nov 17 2017, 5:23pm

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Stefflon Don is one of 2017's most promising artists from any genre—it's rare that someone has such tangible star quality, and it helps that she's also got the lyrics to back it up. Following up her last single, "Hurtin' Me," featuring French Montana, Steff has linked up with Skepta (clearly, she takes her collabs seriously) for the much harder "Ding-A-Ling."

Setting out her mission statement from the very beginning (Nicki Minaj-style "unhhh"s abound), Steff shows her abilities as a sonic chameleon, as she moves from the soft sweetness of her last track to this bossy, bass-y, side of herself. Her rapping is as sharp, witty, and skilfully quickfire as ever, and the Skepta verse is a welcome, rare appearance from the Mercury winner.

While the intro sample is a bit jarring, this is a genuinely exciting song which showcases the best of what the UK has to offer: it's clever and fresh, and comes as yet another reminder of just how good Stefflon Don is. Watch above.

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