Fried Chicken Sandwich

This Fried Chicken Sandwich Looks Simple, But Is Packed with Magic

Ranch dressing brine and honey butter are your secret weapons here.
November 27, 2017, 8:00pm

Most sandwiches benefit from a little lettuce and tomato in the crunch, acidity, and texture departments. But some sandwiches are so pure that the idea of adding anything in between the meat and bread would be completely unnecessary. This is one of those sandwiches.

Thanks to chef Kevin Gillespie, we have a fried chicken sandwich recipe that may look simple but packs all kinds of subtle punch. The chicken is marinated in ranch-dressing-based brine, topped with a dill-pickle-chip mayo, and seated between two honey-butter-slathered buns of bread.

RECIPE: Closed On Sunday Chicken Sandwich

That’s it: just bread, meat, and sneaky but familiar flavors embedded within. Sometimes, things in life look whatever but deliver BIG.