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Hell Yeah, It's Petey Pablo and Lil Wayne's "Gangsta Shit"

God bless Mannie Fresh and the 919's finest and of course Lil Wayne.

by Kyle Kramer
Jun 11 2017, 8:30pm

Day 264: "Gangsta Shit" feat. Petey Pablo – 500 Degreez, 2002

On my Tar Heel soul, bless this song for existing. It's worth noting that Petey Pablo, the 919's finest, was at his peak at this time, so this was a pretty good feature for Wayne to have landed. The MTV News article about 500 Degreez at the time even mentions it as a highlight where Wayne "teamed with fellow Southern hot boy Petey Pablo"!

There's not a ton to say about this song other than it totally lives up to the name, channeling a sound that lands somewhere between Atlanta proto-crunk, which was on the rise, and St. Lunatics pop fanfare, which was the reigning sound of radio. God bless Mannie Fresh for being able to make every kind of rap beat known to man. This may not be the North Carolina anthem, but it's definitely one worth taking your shirt off for when it comes on in the function.

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