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Perfume Genius Brought Otherworldly Magic to His NPR Tiny Desk Concert

He performed songs from his newest album, 'No Shape.'

by Lauren O'Neill
Jun 13 2017, 3:17pm

NPR's Tiny Desk concert series is frequently home to special moments, and Perfume Genius' appearance produces many. Over nine-and-a-half minutes, Mike Hadreas and his band create magic amidst the Tiny Desk set, with low-key, intimate-feeling versions of tracks from his fourth album No Shape—"Slip Away" and "Valley"—as well as "Normal Song" from his 2012 release Put Your Back N To It.

Often it is the most ordinary-feeling things that can be the most spellbinding, and that's what Perfume Genius brings to this performance. Even clad in double denim (a Look, by the way) and standing in front of the busy, familiar Tiny Desk set, Hadreas manages to create stillness and extraordinary beauty out of only the emotionality and fragility of his approach to the songs. It's a very touching few minutes, and if you'd like to be transcended out of your humdrum existence, it's a watch I'd recommend. See it below:

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(Image: screenshot via NPR)