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Daily Horoscope: September 16, 2018

The moon is in Sagittarius today.

by Annabel Gat
Sep 15 2018, 10:00pm

Illustration by Lili Emtiaz

The moon in Sagittarius connects with Neptune at 1:13 AM, so watch for the messages that come in your dreams! Communication planet Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter at 7:51 AM, putting people in an optimistic and chatty mood—try to stay down-to-earth! The moon clashes with Mercury at 10:48 AM to bring up some questions, and then with the sun at 7:15 PM to encourage action.

All times EST.


The moon in Sagittarius encourages you to tend to your home life and spend time with your loved ones. It’s a busy day, thanks to your ruling planet Mercury's connection with Jupiter—lots of news comes your way!


The moon in Sagittarius finds plenty of news coming your way today—especially since Mercury, the planet of communication, will connect with Jupiter, the planet of growth (and exaggeration—so watch out!).


The moon in Sagittarius finds you focusing on money today, Scorpio. Fantastic social connections are formed, thanks to chatty Mercury connecting with the planet of abundance, Jupiter!


The moon is in your sign today, Sagittarius! Make time to nurture yourself and enjoy the busy, social atmosphere brought on by this morning's connection between chatty Mercury and your ruling planet Jupiter. Just don’t make promises you can’t keep!


Be gentle with yourself today, Capricorn, and get as much rest as you can! The moon in fiery Sagittarius doesn’t want you to burn yourself out, even though so much exciting chatter takes place today.


The moon in Sagittarius illuminates the friendship sector of your chart today, Aquarius—deep conversations will be had! Exciting ideas are shared, but watch out for exaggerations.


The moon in fiery Sagittarius illuminates the career and popularity sector of your chart, and you’re connecting with plenty of people today as chatty Mercury connects with your ruling planet Jupiter.


The moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius inspires you to take a risk today! Lots of big conversations are taking place—a productive, helpful energy is in the atmosphere, but don't overdo things.


The moon in Sagittarius finds you in an emotional mood today, Taurus. Some inspiring conversations are sure to take place, thanks to Mercury and Jupiter’s connection—just be careful about exaggerations!


Your focus is on your relationships today as the moon is in your opposite sign, Sagittarius. Your ruling planet Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter this morning, creating a productive atmosphere—just watch out for exaggerations!


The moon in Sagittarius is keeping you busy today, but you definitely need to make time for self-care. Don’t burn yourself out while the moon is in this fire sign. It’s a great day for communication in your partnerships, as chatty Mercury connects with lucky Jupiter.


The moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius finds you in a fun mood today, Leo, and lucky energy is in the air when it comes to your career and finances. As exciting as the day is, make sure to check in with yourself this evening to see if you’re really feeling OK about the direction things are heading—because if you aren't, this is a great time to take action.

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