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Former Server Apologizes to Restaurant for Stealing in the 90s, Sends $1,000 Cash in the Mail

Turns out not everyone in the world is bunch of spiders in a trenchcoat!

by Jelisa Castrodale
Aug 1 2018, 8:00pm

Image via Facebook

With every passing day—and every passing news cycle—it gets increasingly easy to believe that people are terrible. The US government is made almost entirely of store-brand Bond villains, and I’ll be zero percent surprised if thousands of “people” are unmasked as towers made of several thousand spiders who are standing on each others’ thoraxes, just waiting for the opportunity to be an asshole. Then I hear about what this former restaurant server did, and think that maybe not everyone is a spider-person, at least not yet.

According to KVOA, the owners of the El Charro restaurant in Tucson, Arizona, recently received a letter from a former server, and it was unexpected in almost every way. The anonymous author wrote that she had briefly worked at the restaurant in the 1990s, when she was a student at the University of Arizona.

“One of the waiters I worked with had encouraged me to ‘forget’ to ring in a few drinks a shift and pocket the cash,” she confessed. “And for some stupid reason, I did it. I grew up in the church, I knew better. I hadn't stolen a dime before then, nor have I since.”

She said that she was fired for being a “terrible waitress” and, as a result, only skimmed a “few hundred” bucks. She also said that she’d felt guilty about her actions for the past two-plus decades, and decided that it was time to make amends. In her letter, she included $1,000 in cash, explaining that she hoped it would cover what she’d taken, plus interest.

"Friday night I received a call from one of my sons and he says mom you have to come downtown you have an envelope here and I've gone ahead and opened it and he says you're going to be greatly surprised," Carlotta Flores, El Charro’s owner told the news station. She was surprised and, after recently having her purse stolen, she said that the letter “renewed [her] faith” that not everyone was garbage.

“This letter truly is the most special of all things special! Thank you to the lovely person who sent it and thank you to all who felt it as heartwarming as we did,” Flores commented on Facebook. “I saw tears on many faces who read it. I know it has impacted my life in such an overwhelming way.” Carlotta’s son, Ray Flores, wrote that the family will use the money for “future good,” and that he would soon announce the details of what they’ll do.

Please just don’t give it to a spider-person.

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