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Some Questions About This Video of Miguel Having Sex with the Air

I just want to talk.

by Lauren O'Neill
Dec 7 2017, 3:45pm

Image via ChanceofShade on Twitter


  • Let it be known that I love Miguel with a passion; he once shared an article I wrote and I had to have four glasses of water.
  • However I really must ask what is happening in the above?
  • I am stressed out.
  • Firstly why has this re-emerged? I've seen it about seven times on Twitter in the last day. It looks like it comes from the tour around his last album Wildheart, which came out in 2015, so WHY NOW?
  • Does it even matter? It's literally a video of Miguel miming sex onstage.
  • Miguel is an extremely sexy guy. He has a song called "Fucking." This is what he's about, that's OK.
  • It's kind of just expected that Miguel would mime having sex on stage. It isn't that surprising.
  • But there's just something about the precision here? The mime of putting on a condom (thank you for setting an example though), the build up before the... 'insertion.' There's a lot happening. I am rarely lost for words but... man.
  • This is the longest minute of my life.
  • Ughhghgghghghghhg
  • Do I hate it?
  • Do I love it?
  • Does the uncomfortable part of me say something about society's wider squeamishness about sex? Is Miguel actually breaking down boundaries, performing his pleasure for an audience made up predominantly of women? (I'm gonna say 'yeah,' for the record—when you put it like that, it kind of rules)
  • Miguel is our greatest male feminist.
  • Why am I watching through my fingers but definitely still watching?
  • Help.

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