'Nathan for You' Wages War on Uber in the Season Four Trailer

This season, Nathan Fielder turns a computer store asexual, innovates with a chili vendor, and helps a Bill Gates impersonator find love.

by VICE Staff
Aug 17 2017, 6:30pm

Screengrab via Comedy Central/YouTube

Comedy Central is bringing back a new season of Nathan for You next month, and from the looks of the trailer, things are about to go completely off the rails.

As ever, season four follows deadpan comedian Nathan Fielder as he works to revitalize struggling small businesses with bold, innovative strategies. He's already figured out how to sell booze to minors, taught a pig to rescue a drowning goat, and built a robot that can take your pants off. Now, he's going bigger than ever before—tackling hot-button (and, sometimes, impossibly obscure) issues that cut to the heart of America's most pressing economic crises. (Or don't.)

Along with founding the first ever asexual computer repair shop and sneaking dozens of pounds of chili into a hockey game under his shirt, season four finds Fielder working toward some truly epic undertakings. As Uber continues to force taxi drivers out of business, he teams up with a few disgruntled cabbies to infiltrate the network and take it down from the inside. Fielder also partners with a Bill Gates impersonator determined to track down his long-lost love, which seems sweet until it starts to look like the guy might be a stalker.

Comedy Central is ringing in the new season with an hour-long special on September 21, in which Nathan reunites with a few classic characters, PI Brian Wolfe and the ghost realtor among them. The fourth season will then close out with a massive two-hour finale. Plus, every episode from the first three seasons is up for free on Comedy Central's website—a testament to the fact that Nathan is, after all, for you.

A special hour-long episode of Nathan for You airs on Comedy Central September 21, followed by the season four premiere September 28. Check out the trailer above for a taste of what's to come.