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Munich Police Warn of Imminent Terror Attack

Munich police are warning citizens to avoid two train stations and congregating in large, outdoor crowds due to the terror threat.

by Reuters and VICE News
Dec 31 2015, 11:45pm

Photo by Sven Hoppe/EPA

Police in Munich are warning the public to stay away from two of the city's train stations due to a "serious" and "imminent" threat of a terror attack, according to the Associated Press.

Police spokesman Werner Kraus told the APthat "we have serious information and different tips about an imminent attack."

"After evaluating the situation, we started evacuating the train stations and also asked partygoers to stay away from big crowds outside," Kraus added.

The police department Tweeted and posted to Facebook the warning to the public.

"Actual lead that in #Munich a terror attack is planned. Please avoid crowd gatherings as well as the central train station and the Pasinger train station," read a translation of the German tweet, according to Reuters.

It added: "Pasinger and central stations have been evacuated. Trains are no longer running. Please follow police instructions."

Another police tweet said: "We note explicitly once again that we take the threat very seriously. Please remain alert."

The announcements were made just before 11:00pm local time, as the city was set to ring in the New Year. 

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