Usain Bolt Seems Pretty Serious About His Trial with Borussia Dortmund

The Jamaican gold medal sprinter is set to practice with Christian Pulisic's Bundesliga team in hopes of fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a footballer.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
Mar 22 2018, 3:11pm

Photo by Kirby Lee—USA TODAY Sports

Usain Bolt will be trying out for Bundesliga side Borussia Dortmund tomorrow morning. It feels like something that was sketched out in a lab—and it very well may be. Despite the fact that Puma—which sponsors both Bolt and Dortmund—has had a heavy hand in the hype up, it seems like Bolt (finally) getting a trial period with the German club is very real.

It's also very possible the 31-year-old eight-time gold medalist is up to some kind of PR stunt. Not unlike last month, when he teased that he'd "just signed for a football team" only to reveal that it was for a charity match. Not to mention that the two sides have literally been talking about this for years.

With that all said, Bolt did have what seemed like a very serious interview with ESPN about the prospect of making the team, in which he described positions, an earnestness about his chances of making the team, and how he'd deal with his favorite team, Manchester United, if he's offered a deal.

"That will determine for me, personally, if I continue or if I say, 'You know what? I'm probably not good enough,'" Bolt told ESPN at the Hublot Match of Friendship in Basel, Switzerland. "It's what happens in the next two days."

He also made sure to mention, "For me, I'm fast, so it's definitely kind of all about using my speed." Good, yes. Maybe that is the right asset to lean on. He continued, "It's something that I've used over the years, actually playing with my friends and stuff, so it's something that I'm just looking forward to and we'll see what happens."

And there might even be some bad news for Christian Pulisic, the young American star who currently plays wing for Dortmund, again per ESPN:

"I would like to play on the wing, on the left side," Bolt said. "That would be my favorite position to play, but most of the people always say I would probably play up top, so we'll see where it goes."

He also teased at having a kind of backup trial with Manchester United, and that he's already had some chats with Jose Mourinho about it.

"I've definitely asked him for a spot on the team, but as I said, I just want to wait until after the trials to really push and to really pressure," Bolt said. "It's something I said to him, and he said, 'If you're serious, we'll see what happens,' so let's see what happens [this week]."

Bolt even posted a photo hinting at the possibility:

Yeah, it feels like there is something a little rubbery about the whole buildup. But maybe he's just legit selling himself? If he does make it big, let's just hope he doesn't celebrate before scoring goals.

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