Will Smith Finally Releases His EDM Nightmare "Get Lit"

Happy Friday the 13th.

by Phil Witmer
Oct 13 2017, 3:17pm

Photo by Alberto Pizzoli for Getty Images

After Big Willie Style himself teased it in front of thousands to an enthusiastic (I guess?) response, Will Smith has decided to bite the bullet and put his stab at EDM into the world. We've already gone deep into what works and doesn't work about "Get Lit," and how it ultimately may represent Smith's midlife crisis (now known as "feeling washed"), but what no amount of analysis will change is this: the song is an unfortunate curse, more so because it happened to come out today of all days.

Not only is it Friday the 13th, but it's October, the time of year when everyone attunes to the spirit world, marathons horror films, and uses the Tumblr neologism "spoopy" unironically. Dark forces beyond our understanding have made this happen to our ears. "Get Lit" is not really the EDM version of Jason Voorhees but it's certainly something close. Again, all respect to Will. He's given us many good things in this Willennium and here's hoping he gets back on track soon. For now, brace yourself and listen to "Get Lit" below.