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Japandroids Get Sweaty, Play "No Known Drink or Drug" on 'Late Night'

They are happy because of the loud noises and the feelings.

by Alex Robert Ross
Oct 12 2017, 2:35pm

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Sometimes it's just nice to remember that Japandroids, the whiskey-shooting, stranger-kissing Canadian duo who play even their slow songs at a thousand miles an hour, are out on tour. They are happy because they get to hang out on the tour bus and look out the window at cool scenery before rolling into a new town and finding another bar that has pinball or foosball or something. And their fans get a couple hours of complete escapism, sweaty dancing, and hoarse vocal chords. I cannot imagine that it's possible to be sad at a Japandroids show.

If you doubt any of that, go ahead and watch the video at the top of the page that shows Japandroids playing "No Known Drink or Drug" on Wednesday's Late Night with Seth Meyers. Around 26 seconds in, we get a close-up of Brian King's face. He's playing some fuzzy power chords, standing with his legs a rockstar width apart, and he's just so stoked. He tries to hold a snarl, but he's too happy with the situation to maintain it in earnest, so he just ends up smouldering. He and David Prowse spend the rest of the song getting sweaty and pretending that the studio is a 50-capacity venue in some anonymous Midwestern town. They love it, because they love guitars and loud noises and feeling things. Yeah dude.

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