Black Lips Video Premiere

A new video from VICE Records' very own raucous pioneers of mushroom tea-steeped garage rock.

Vice Records very own raucous pioneers of mushroom tea-steeped garage rock, the Black Lips, have released the fourth video from their new record 200 Million Thousand. The video was made for a little gem titled “Let it Grow.” The whole thing, directed by Matt Dilmore, was shot exclusively with late 90s kiddie camera Vidster. It’s got a half-awake-pixely feel to it that compliments the blurry-nostalgia of fucking around as a youngster that the Black Lips do so well.

Oh, and if you live in one of the following American cities, you might consider seeing this band do what they do best: play the best damn live show you’ve ever seen.

Tour Dates:

10/09/09            AUSTIN, TX                                    MOHAWK

10/17/09            PORTLAND, OR                        SCION GARAGE FEST

10/28/09            ASHEVILLE, NC                        THE ORANGE PEEL

10/29/09            NASHVILLE, TN                        MERCY LOUNGE