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Cronut King Recipe

Breakfast is the best way to start your day, but this is the best way to start the night. 

by Ed Loveday
Mar 29 2015, 2:57pm

"I'd actually never had a Cronut before writing this recipe. I have to admit that they're actually pretty good. No wonder everybody loses their shit over them."

Servings: 1

30 milliliters Cronut-infused Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold (directions below)
60 milliliters espresso
15 milliliters maple syrup


1. In a large jar, add 3 roughly chopped Cronuts and a bottle of Captain Morgan. Let sit for 3 hours and strain through coffee filter paper. The infusion should keep for a few days in the fridge.

2. Add the infused Captain Morgan, espresso, and maple syrup to a shaker and shake without ice.

3. Add ice and shake again.

4. Double strain into a small latte glass.

5. Serve on a wooden chopping board with a Cronut on the side.