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Make the Amazing Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes from 'The Dinner Bell'

This dessert-y breakfast is as easy to prepare as normal pancakes—you just need to crank up the cocoa.

by Munchies Staff
Oct 20 2016, 2:00pm

When Julia Ziegler-Haynes went to Amsterdam for our Dinner Bell series, she bee-lined it to Metropolitan chocolate shop to hang out with master chocolatier Kees Raat and, in true Amsterdam fashion, snort some cocoa up her nose.

But it wasn't all chocolate rails and decadence. Julia also learned how to make traditional poffertjes, something she used as the basis of these buckwheat pancakes. Obviously, Julia didn't hold back on the chocolate, honey, or butter, and the end result is an Americanized take on a Dutch classic—and it's fucking delicious.

RECIPE: Chocolate Buckwheat Pancakes with Berry Coulis

Recreating this in your kitchen is a cinch. This dessert-y breakfast dish is as easy to prepare as normal pancakes; you just need to crank up the cocoa in your batter and use buckwheat flour instead of all-purpose.

Buckwheat flour makes it kind of healthy, right?

Oh, when it tastes this good, who cares.