Watch What Happens When You Stuff 100 People into a Plane in GTA

And try not to throw up.

Feb 8 2017, 6:37pm

The latest Grand Theft Auto experiment gets political: Can a plane full of more than 100 people undermine Trump and fly over his proposed wall?

This Youtube video by RZED, a channel that features experimental GTA challenges, shows what happens when you try and fail (and then try again) to pile dozens of passengers into a cargo plane.

Source: RZED/Youtube

The plane is set to take off from Los Santos Airport, an airport in the fictional world of GTA that's based on Los Angeles' LAX.

On the first attempt, with all doors to the cargo plane closed, the passengers slide around the plane as the erratic pilot twists and turns. The plane's hatches fly open, dumping out loads of people over the ocean coastline. Eventually the plane nosedives and crashes into a highway.

On the second try, the pilot performs more risky maneuvers. We don't want to spoil what happens, but it will make you glad that gamers don't fly planes in real life.

Still, according to RZED, it's a pass. Despite ending up empty, it is possible (though not successful) to pile 100 people into a GTA plane.

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