Three House Music Titans Evoke Jim Morrison’s Prophecy for "Machines"

Mark Knight, Harry Romero, and Chus + Cebellos band together on the most international collaboration of the year.

by Zack Rota
May 21 2015, 3:41pm

Worlds collide as Spanish Iberia meets 'Subliminal' America meets Britain's finest, in a collaboration that has likely logged more air miles than Carl Cox. "Machines" is a tune that the big boss himself would support, as Mark Knight and Harry Romero draw obvious influences from their Spanish counterparts. Here Chus + Cebellos, a stalwart duo of tech-house, join their acclaimed collaborators in a smashing big-room tech-house track to be released very soon on Toolroom Records.

Chus + Cebellos work in their trademark studio tech-house cuts, while Mark's well-recorded history of savoury breakdowns and room-filling drops makes this track a perfect fit to that new Toolroom sound. Harry Romero's long-standing history with moving dancefloors helps to beef up the undertones of the track, resulting in a collaboration that could be used as a diplomatic paperweight between these three nations in the future.

The release is actually split across two alternative mixes—one catering more to big room tech-house and the other towards an underground vibe courtesy of the dub mix.

"It's a funny one, the way 'Machines' came about. I was writing the track with Chus +Cebellos and writing a track with Harry as well. One day I was working the projects and I had an idea. I basically mashed the two tracks together and now we've got this big joint collaboration going on," explains Knight. "Everyone contributed their own additions. The vocal is from a famous interview that Jim Morrison did in the '60s, which actually acted as the foundation of the record. I fused these two projects together and now we're coming out with something that I really like. I think it's a cool record."

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