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Music by VICE


NDATL label head Kai Alce gives us a soulful all-vinyl deep house mix.

by THUMP Staff
Jun 27 2013, 10:44pm

Each week, we present a set that pushes the boundaries of its style, and the only prerequisites are impeccable taste and skill. This week: Kai Alce.


Kai Alcé "World Causes"
Inner City "Share My Life (Chez N Trent Mix)"
Michelle Wilson "Lifted Higher (K.O.T> Dub Mix)"
K London Project "I Believe"
Aphrodisiax "All Over Me"
Stefan Ringer "Make Up Your Mind"
Shawny Taylor "In The Sunshine"
K.O.T. "Har'rell"
Kai Alcé "M-7"
Trey Lorenz "Photograph Of Mary (MAW Bass Hit Dub)"
Amir Alexander "Eyes Open Mouth Shut"
Rhythim Is Rhythm "Move It"
Kyle Hall "The Architect"
Kai "KZR" Alce "On It"
Norm Talley "Beats On Broadway"
Romanthony "Testify"
Kai Alce feat Azulu Phantom "Willow (Carl Craig Mix)"
Daft Punk "Giorgio by Moroder"
Romanthony "Hold On"