McDonald's Introduce Interactive Placemat Recording Studio, McTrax

Ever wanted to make music while slowly killing yourself with junk food? It's your lucky day!

May 5 2016, 3:15pm

Popular restaurant chain McDonald's have introduced an exciting new feature to their menu. No, it isn't another variation on a beef-burger in a bun with a name like "the Cuban Rocca Grande"—it's instead a recording studio on a tray. That's right, between shoveling those pale, yellow, limp fries past your salty lips, you can also lay down some sick beats, and even record a vocal sample or two! Using touch sensitive ink (or something like that) the placemat connects to your phone via bluetooth (or something like that) and allows you to jam in the middle of a McDonald's with all your weird little pals.

There's a video below that explains it even better than we can, featuring the sort of weird warped version of eating in a McDonald's that only exists in McDonald's adverts. You know, the sort of slightly cleaner version of the world wherever every is eating their burgers with clean, crumbless bites, rather than dribbling gherkin juice and Big Mac sauce down their spotty chins.

McTrax is only available in the Netherlands so far, but you never know, wish really hard and maybe your dreams will come true!

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