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Check Out a Summery Fatima Yamaha Remix of the New Metronomy Single

The Dutchman's take on "Old Skool" is a BBQ-house jam par excellence.

by Josh Baines
May 31 2016, 9:50am

It's that first day back after a long weekend, eh? Just yesterday you were watching corny clips on YouTube and picking bits of Papa John's finest from your bedsheets. Now you're sat nursing the last vestiges of a comedown and thinking about just how long you can get away with hiding in the bathroom at work for. Still, it's not all bad. Why? Because we're bringing you the world premiere of Fatima Yamaha's fantastic remix of the lead track from the new Metronomy album. Right now!

Set to arrive on July 1st via Because Music, Summer 08's set to be another record that'll get rinsed at BBQs, house parties, trips to the beach, picnics—essentially anywhere you'll find people who possess both working ears and a desire to enjoy themselves even ever so slightly.

When we found out that the Dutch wizard was going to get his hands on those all important stems we were positively giddy with excitement. In fact, we were so excited by the thought of Fatima Yamaha remixing Metronomy that we had to plonk our head in the office fridge for a bit. Then we came back to our desk and listened to it and was so blown away that we had to make the trek back to the fridge. Yamaha's jittery, sort of nervous, light-fingered funk is a perfect match for Joe Mount's sleek perfecto-pop. This is a summer jam par excellence and you can check it out exclusively here on THUMP.

Summer 08 arrives on July 1st via Because Music.

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