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Crate Expectations: Samo Sound Boy

What do Four Tet, Diddy, and Bart Simpson have to do with each other? Let the Body High label founder break it down for you.

by THUMP Staff
Sep 24 2015, 5:39pm

Like most people, DJs and producers have specific songs tied to events throughout their lives. In Crate Expectations, we extract a playlist from their memories to tell their story. This week's subject is Samo Sound Boy, the LA producer, DJ and live artist, as well as co-founder of the Body High label alongside DJDS (DJ Dodger Stadium) collaborator and longtime pal Jerome LOL. Samo will be appearing this weekend at TomorrowWorld's Mythical Frames stage, Sunday, September 27. Here he tells us about some of his most treasured tracks, as well as a new heater he's gearing up to drop at the massive Atlanta festival in a few short days.

THUMP: What's the first song you ever loved?
Samo Sound Boy: "Do The Bartman," by Bart Simpson, my original hero and favorite artist.

What are the first two songs you ever mixed together?
I had both of these on vinyl and would practice mixing them together for hours on end. I never got sick of them either which is a testament to how classic both songs are.

What's your worst guilty pleasure song?
I'm not even guilty about this one, it just clearly sounds like they made it on drugs at 4AM in one take.

What song have you had on repeat in the last month?
I love what Four Tet does with his Percussions alias. This is exactly the type of stuff I really love to play when I DJ.

Which track of your own do you like the most?
I feel like I'm chasing a sort of warped new wave sound with a lot of my own productions and this is where I finally got close to having something sound like a Depeche Mode cassette dropped in the ocean.

What's the last song you want to hear before the lights go on?

What's a song you're excited to play at TomorrowWorld this year?
This is Jerome and I's new DJDS single.

Samo Sound Boy plays TomorrowWorld's Mythical Frames stage Sunday, September 27, 1:00PM-2:30. Follow him on Twitter.

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