Mr Fingers Gets His Hands on Bred For Pleasure's Debut Release

It really doesn't get "Better Than This." And no, the puns will never end!

by David Garber
Feb 10 2015, 12:42am

While it may be Bred For Pleasure's debut release, the duo of South African, Quintin Christian, and Canadian, Vandermeet, show a great deal of promise with "Better Than This." Already being pushed by everyone from Dusky to Jamies Zabiela, the duo presents a seductive original on their introduction, with sultry vocal work from Aaron Soul. (We're not sure if that's his real name—but damn is it fitting).

For a forthcoming remix package to be released Feb. 29th on Lower East, Bred For Pleasure calls in the always-loved Mr. Fingers to lend his typically soul-infused grasp in the form of a nine-minute dub that stretches the track to new levels of mesmeric melodies. 

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