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Beatport Added Three New Genres and Reclassified EDM in Their System

More than 500,000 tracks will be reclassified.

by Britt Julious
Sep 10 2016, 7:12pm

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

As part of their recent restructuring, Beatport has added three new genres to its classification system. More than 500,000 tracks will be recategorized for the "new dance," "big room" and "future house" genres. According to Billboard, after September 12, users also won't find EDM anthems in the "progressive house" category, instead being classified as "deep house,' "electronica" or 'house."

"It's been (Beatport's) number one feature request for many years, and we are now delivering on our promise," a representative told Billboard. In July, SFX decided to not sell Beatport.