How a Chance Meeting Between Stefan Ringer and Kai Alcé Resulted in 'The Fix' EP

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by Bryce David
Dec 11 2014, 1:45am

Atlanta based producer Stefan Ringer has been working dilligently on his output as he closes out 2014 with two new projects, one being The Fix EP, under his given name, on veteran house producer Kai Alcé's NDATL Muzik.

Ringer has been bouncing between his government name and another production alias known as REKchampa and each pseudonym becomes more defined track by track. On The Fix, however, Ringer settles somewhere inbetween both, pumping out uninhibited and earthy house tunes.

There's a flirtatious undercurrent throughout the EP, especially in regards to the vocals that Ringer laid down himself. The overarching vibe of the project was created with the women of the dancefloor in mind, and the result is a warm collection of body movers that are smooth, yet course around the edges.

The EP came to fruition after Ringer tweeted at Alcé to purchase some records, and after an impromptu meet-up in the studio, "The Fix" was the first track Ringer played for the label boss. All of the tracks were made during the last year including "Transitions" which Ringer produced in Detroit after an inspiring first gig in the birthplace of techno. Stefan and Kai are heading to New York to play at a secret location on Friday December 19th hosted by A Pop and Turtle.

If you're looking to pick up The Fix you can head over to Downtown 304 or find it on Juno or NDATL. Peep the flyer for the NYC show.

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