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Standard Time Is a Living Clock, Constructing Each Minute As It Happens

<p>What better way to tell time than to watch someone building it.</p>

by Abdullah Saeed
May 11 2012, 10:50pm

What time is it?

Have a look at this living digital-style screensaver clock app simply titled Standard Time. It actually works, and it’s scary accurate. It takes the construction crew exactly one minute to rearrange the planks to reflect the correct time, thereby ticking on accurately on the minute, 24 hours a day. Watch for a little while and you’ll see them scrambling to change a “7” into an “8”. The app was just recently released and is accumulating some buzz, and rightfully so—Numerical time is a universal thing and something this unusual can be appreciated by anyone who’s ever watched the minutes tick by on a conventional clock.

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