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Drake Is Selling His Home in LA, Meaning Even He's Probably Done With America

RIP Yolo Estate (did you remember it was called the Yolo Estate?)

by Phil Witmer
Jan 30 2017, 8:47pm

For a long time, Canadian rappers have had to make it in the US before they can even think of making it here thanks to an at-times indifferent music industry. Drake is the most famous example of this, and though he represents Toronto, his true home is in the States... the Yolo Estate that is. Drake's $7 million mansion in LA's Hidden Hills neighbourhood has been his Fortress of Solitude (emphasis on "lit"), appearing in music videos and generally being a music writer's Shangri-La. Drake is now selling that home for $20 million after only owning it for five years, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

No reason has given for Drake's real estate maneuvers but consider this: if you're a Canadian citizen who can, at a moment's notice, head back to socialized medicine, a (marginally) more tolerant society, and less gung-ho patriotism cum white supremacy, wouldn't you hightail it out of America's hellfire and back to the slightly sizzling frying pan of Canada? On the other hand, Drake will no longer have an excuse to skip out on the increasingly disappointing Raptors games (six! six! six losses in a row!) or hangouts with Norm once he's back in Toronto for good. However, he'd no longer have to worry about comparing his pool to his neighbour Kanye's. Also: not needing to live next to Kanye. Blissful.

Photo by Jake Kivanç.
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