Make Time for Some Goofy Self-Care Today with This Game about Seals

'Seal, Your Fate???' is a very cute free game about surviving an endless onslaught of terrible things. You can do it.
January 20, 2017, 9:51pm

Header and all images of Seal, Your Fate??? courtesy of Louie Zong

Hey so, y'all okay? It's okay if you're not okay. There's a lot of not okay things happening right now and we're all doing what we can to stay focused and get through it. Some of us will need to just lie down for a while, and that's valid. Some of us need Netflix, or Nilla wafers, or to spend some quiet time with a cat. How you take care of yourself is unimportant, so long as the method in question isn't clandestine self-harm. What is important, is that you take care of yourself.

Seal, Your Fate??? is a small game by Louie Zong about protecting yourself from the mounting difficulties in life. It's a game about neutralizing intrusions into the space that you've designated for yourself, about continuing to persevere after defeats and setbacks. It's also about a cute seal with a li'l :3 face, who is as determined as they are adorable.

Granted, this interpretation may be a bit removed from the creator's intent (the self-care thing, not the seal thing—pretty sure that was on purpose), but  Seal, Your Fate??? maps pretty accurately to what a lot of us are going through these days. There's not much difference between a seal fighting for territory and a person fighting for the right to work, or learn, or in most cases, the right to exist  at all. Self preservation is the core, and self-care is an integral part of keeping ourselves going.

So on this, the day in which our sisyphean ordeal is upgraded to a bigger boulder, take time for yourself. Do the thing your heart says you need. Maybe play  Seal, Your Fate??? for a few minutes, and then take a hot shower. Maybe send a DM to a friend and let 'em know you're glad they're around. Call your kids. Get a scone. Whatever it is, just be good to yourself, because we need you.

You can play  Seal, Your Fate??? for free right here.