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Ice Cream Brawls Are Best Served with a Punch

In the town of Swindon, England, two ice cream sellers got into a turf war that escalated into physical assault.

by Azikiwe Mohammed
Apr 19 2015, 1:59pm

We'd all be screaming for ice cream if the man selling it punched us in the face.

That's what happened in the English town of Swindon, outside Wiltshire, when two ice cream vendors got into a turf war that escalated to a brawl last July.

The 36-year-old Andrea Trunfio reportedly punched 64-year-old Mario Bretti after the elder ice cream seller, who has been working as such since 1972, informed the new kid that he was infringing on his territory.

Trunfio then chased down Bretti with his ice cream truck and pinned him at a junction, before getting out and "jumping around like Tigger," according to an eyewitness quoted in the Telegraph. It was then, Bretti claims, that Trunfio started punching him through the window of his van.

Trunfio denied the charges, saying instead that Bretti "had threatened to kill his family and burn down his van if he went back to the disputed site."

Local magistrates, however, didn't buy that. The recently found Trunfio guilty, sentencing him to community service and levying a small fine against him.

But that's probably cold comfort to Bretti.