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How to Make Perfect Sunnyside-Up Eggs

You have to perfect the breakfast basics before you can move on to a pro brunch. Thankfully the guys behind Williamsburg's Egg are here to help you perfect the sunnyside-up egg.

by Munchies Staff
Sep 26 2016, 2:00pm

Photo courtesy of Rizzoli / Egg.

Breakfast is to brunch as the New Kids on the Block were to One Direction. Breakfast provides the groundwork for brunch as boy bands precede boy bands, because you need to perfect the art of poaching eggs before you can smother them in Hollandaise, or get your toast to an ideal crispiness before you throw it in the garbage because you totes just remembered that you're trying to not do gluten this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Rizzoli / Egg.

The team behind Williamsburg's popular breakfast spot Egg would like to give you the skills required to perfect the elusive sunnyside-up eggs before you do anything else. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when you can rock the eggs, you can conquer the world as well as any (now fragmented) British boy band. But of all the ways to cook eggs, consider sunnyside-up the Zayn Malik. Tender, bright, though maybe a little simple. But you'll fall in love with them regardless.

RECIPE: Egg's Perfect Sunnyside-Up Eggs

Got to go and crack some more eggs. If you listen carefully, the sound of the shells breaking are very much like the sound of my heart, until I reach for another toast point.

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