Please Listen to Mike Francesa Read the News of the Day

Mike Francesa can't talk.

by Sean Newell
Dec 2 2015, 4:45pm

Mike Francesa, a New York sports radio legend who is paid to talk about sports, has a few, let's call them verbal tics. Famously, he has one of the thickest New York/LongGuyland accents in the business, and also sometimes he just loses the ability to speak intelligible words. The former is endearing, the latter is laugh-out-loud funny. When the two come together, the result is...well, listen for yourself.

So here we have Mike reading a wire report on David Price signing a $217 million contract with the Boston Red Sox and while he does start off strong—"the Price deal DWAUFFED what would have been the largest contract..."—he soon flies, mumbling, off the rails and resorts to the verbal equivalent of Homer Simpson falling down the Springfield Gorge. Listen and enjoy, backaftuhdis.

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