Perfume Genius's "Die 4 You" Video Is the Most Spellbinding Thing You'll See Today

The languid, moving clip will transport you away from the tangible.

by Lauren O'Neill
May 9 2017, 3:46pm

Physicality is an important part of the very specific magic of Perfume Genius, and nowhere is that more apparent than in Mike Hadreas' music video for "Die 4 You," a track taken from his new album No Shape.

The clip is a typically lush, languid affair which sees Hadreas' body in perfect harmony with his music, in a genuinely moving visual which feels like it collects everything wonderful about Perfume Genius and gifts it to everyone who is lucky enough to see it. The track itself—reminiscent as it is of Portishead, Prince (that title!) and many things in between—feels like you could swim in it, and float on top of it, and be transported away from tangible things by it. I could watch this all day, and I probably will.

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(Image via PR)