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Johnny Jewel Collaborates with Symmetry on Ominous New Track

He shared the music video for "Television Show" today.

by Alexander Iadarola
May 8 2017, 4:14pm

Photo of Johnny Jewel by Jason Scragz.

Chromatics producer Johnny Jewel today shared a music video for the atmospheric lead track off his upcoming album Windswept. "Television Show" is a collaboration with Symmetry, his duo with fellow Chromatics and Desire member Nat Walker; the music video was filmed in Prague and directed by the photographer duo Rene and Radka.

The clip is evocative of '60s European art house cinema, depicting a photoshoot of a romantically involved man and woman in an uneasy domestic scene. Jewel and Walker's beatless instrumental uses dramatically sustained synth chords to create a sense of unresolved tension.

Last year Jewel did the original soundtrack for the Belgian teen drama Home, the fourth feature film by Fien Troch. Earlier this month he released his soundtrack for director and writer Daniela Amavia's debut feature film A Beautiful Now.

Jewel's new album will be released May 10 on his own Italians Do It Better label.

Windswept tracklist:

1. Johnny Jewel - "Television Snow" (with Symmetry)
2. Johnny Jewel - "Windswept"
3. Desire - "Saturday"
4. Johnny Jewel - "Missing Pages"
5. Johnny Jewel - "The Crimson Kiss"
6. Johnny Jewel - "Strobe Lights"
7. Johnny Jewel - "Heaven" (with Heaven)
8. Johnny Jewel - "Slow Dreams"
9. Johnny Jewel - "Insomnia"
10. Johnny Jewel - "Motel" (with Glass Candy)
11. Johnny Jewel - "Between Worlds"
12. Johnny Jewel - "The Flame"
13. Johnny Jewel - "Stardust"
14. Chromatics - "Blue Moon"

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