CG Art Master Makes Algorithms Look Like Oriental Rugs

The black and white mosaics of John Green, a.k.a., Fleen, are mesmerizing.

by Marina Garcia-Vasquez
Feb 1 2016, 4:35pm

All images courtesy the artist

Polygons on a grid bloom into intricate patterns that resemble hand-woven rugs and Moorish tile patterns in the generative works of John Green, a.k.a., Fleen. Black and white patterns repeat into seeming infinity through an algorithmic system developed with computer software. The pieces show the abundance of possibility, with shapes as simple as triangles and squares becoming ornate colonies of design.

Clearly, this is not Green’s first foray into generative art: he’s a dedicated master of working with shapes, already having developed strong followings on Reddit and Twitter. He develops new systems and shares his results on a blog where he also poetically expounds on bugs, failures, and conceptual complications. Green tells The Creators Project, “I'm just trying to make pretty pictures with the computer. Which is weird, I know. I spent a long time finding a way to do that.”

Aside from the artworks, Green has developed a series of Android games and interactive wallpapers, implementing a series of tiles that stack and move into colorful mosaics with music. Green's work shows us how beautiful repetition can be. 

Click here to learn more about the artist. 


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