It Doesn't Get More Metal Than Ferrofluid Skulls

NASA invented it, now this artists sculpts with it.

by Anya Tchoupakov
Nov 6 2015, 10:43pm

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Ferrofluid, a liquid that turns into spikes and moves around when exposed to magnets, is pretty metal on its own, but California-based artist Mesplé manipulates the stuff with a horde of shiny skulls. Proficient in traditional sculpture, molding, and blacksmithing, Mesplé creates “technology-mediated art” that is meant to “explore and heighten viewer relationships” and bring “viewers to a state of inquisitiveness, sometimes outside the realm of their previous experiences” by blending science, technology, and innovation.

His latest is a series of skulls partly made out of the ferrofluid, a strange substance invented by NASA scientists that is essentially magnetic liquid. By using a combination of traditional metal welding and ferrofluid elements, Mesplé creates the dark and intricate skulls we see below. His previous work has included a Ferroflection Pool, a Petnet Machine, and a Ferreflection Wall.

See his process here:


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A photo posted by mesple (@mesple) on


A photo posted by mesple (@mesple) on

See more of Mesplé’s work on his website and stay updated on his work on Instagram.


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