1.35 Billion Trumps Saying "China" at the Same Time Sounds Like the Apocalypse

Whether or not you were wondering what it would sound like if everybody in China was Donald Trump and they all said "China" at the same time, it's here.

Mar 25 2016, 12:00pm

Screencap via

Making fun of Donald Trump is easy, but using his voice to crack a hole in the space-time continuum takes a bit of effort. That's what it feels like experimental musician and video artist Bill Baird has done in a new video where he simulates the sound of a China's worth—that is, 1.35 billion—Donald Trumps saying the word "China" all at the same time. 

Baird had a lot of source material to choose from, as Trump has used the Eastern industrial superpower as a scapegoat for America's problems in many of his recent rabble-rousing speeches. He crams thousands upon thousands of Trump's agressive-yet-dismissive lilts into less than two minutes of video, culminating in a epileptic cacophony of red, white, and blue— exactly what we imagine a view of the American hellscape after four years of a Trump presidency might look like. 

The resulting sound, "causes a rupture in space/time and the rich asshole to be sucked into a black hole. All in 2 minutes," Baird writes in the video description. Like many artists, Baird was hesitant at first to bring more attention to the Donald with his work. "But now has come the time to watch him dissolve into the abyss," he says.

Check out the Trump says "China" 1.35 billion times. Which is the actual population of China video page to learn more about Bill Baird's creative process. Check out more of his work on his website.


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