Digital Media Artists Explore Notions of Reality In New Exhibit

Sara Ludy and Mark Dorf team up to investigate issues of representation and interpretation in the digital era.
April 10, 2016, 7:00pm

Prolific new media artists Sara Ludy and Mark Dorf and New York-based curator Valerie Amend teamed up to unveil Irreality, a show that investigates issues of representation and interpretation in the digital era. “Both artists confront the role of simulacra in their work and mediums. They directly engage with ideas of representation and offer a critical viewpoint for the viewer to consider,” Amend tells The Creators Project. By merging their signature aesthetics and meaningful digital-focused approaches and visions, Ludy and Dorf offer viewers the opportunity to explore the imaginary path that connects reality to unreality— while still questioning the omnipresent IRL/URL dichotomy.

Through a meticulous curatorial process, Amend searched for minded-artists to tackle these themes. Her choice of Ludy and Dorf was quite logical.“I had been working through a writing piece about the mediated state between reality and imagination when I thought of Sara’s work,” she explains. “I had seen some of her pieces a few years back and wanted to reach out to hear more about her practice. We talked through issues of representation in digital art and virtual reality, which led me to Mark’s work. The layers of representation within his photographs speak to the illusionistic qualities of Sara’s video work,” she adds.

Despite showing a common concern for contemporary picturality, both artists approach the themes in a totally different way. On her side, Ludy’s work demonstrates an interest in the ever growing digital technology takeover, how this proliferation can affect our behaviors and the way we understand and interact with our surrounding. By providing viewers with stunning abstracted video landscapes and shapes, she creates a “meta” reality that depicts her own web-based digging & virtual explorations.

For his part, Dorf’s digitalized-landscapes bear witness to his strong interest in science, technology and natural world. Through a creative process using natural landscape photographies and algorithms, he makes multilayered synthetic panoramas that aim to offer new perspectives of our natural habitat.

Irreality is on view at New York’s CP Project Space until April 21th.


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