Christmas Spirit Comes in a Free Game

This wintry interactive story lets you feel the joy of holiday innovation.

by Beckett Mufson
Dec 24 2015, 5:00pm

Images via Simogo

Let Swedish video game company Simogo help you get into the holiday spirit with their interactive story The Sensational December Machine, a tale about innovation itself—for innovators, by innovators—and free for Mac and PC. The tale follows the journey of a young female inventor who tries to create what is essentially a generator for new feelings and rich, emotional experiences. It's pretty much perfect for coffee-aided late Chrismas morning clickery. [Editor's note: it's not App Store identified, so you may have to click here for help installing.]

Courtesy of Simogo designers Simon Flesser and Magnus Gardebäck, The Sensational December Machine is a fresh take on both creativity and the giving spirit. The duo did some innovation of their own to make it, developing a new type of vignetted first-person 3D interface that feels kind of like looking out of your own two eyes and your mind's eye, all at the same time. This departure from Simogo's 2D aesthetic, exemplified in games like Device 6 and Sailor's Dream, is fitting for The Sensational December Machine because it results in that good ol' glowing hearth feeling of wintry discovery, like shaking a snow globe for the first time.

Like we said, The Sensational December Machine is downloadable for free. Merry Christmas.

Visit Simogo's website here to learn more about their inventive storytelling games.

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