Russian Daredevils Scale Rio's Giant Christ Statue

On the Roofs climbs Jesus in a new urban exploration adventure.
December 10, 2015, 3:07pm
Images courtesy the artist

The cadre of Russian "skywalkers" who scale buildings and monuments all across the world has struck again, summiting the Christ the Redeemer statue which towers over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As the group is named On the Roofs, their normal fare tends to be skyscrapers and other buildings with, well, roofs. They've tackled the tallest building in China, Shenzhen Center, scaled a ton of buildings in Hong Kong, and hacked a billboard atop a skyscraper there. They've been to New York, Istanbul, Dubai, and many more. As far structures without roofs, they've done a bridge, a bunch of industrial equipment, and now, Jesus.

On The Roofs' new video, Christ the Redeemer, documents their savvy, though illegal (don't try this at home, kids!) methods for researching a location and figuring out how to climb it with the resources at hand. For example, they surmount the statue's solid stone base by finding a nearby ladder.

Check out the whole journey, and the awesome view of Rio from 2,300 feet in the air, in the pictures and video below.

See more from On The Roofs on their website.


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