Stilettos With A Tick

These whimsical shoes have legs for hands.

by Anya Tchoupakov
Oct 28 2015, 2:30pm

All images courtesy of Clox

Never lose track of time with Croatian designer Mia Marić’s whimsical Clox shoes, the “first brand of stilettos and ballerina pumps with fully-functional, custom-made clocks.”  Back in 2009, Marić asked herself “are we going forward or running in circles like the legs on the clock?”  

She says that “ever since she was little, she always lived in between dreams and reality, her obsession with time grew bigger. Clox was the answer to her everyday struggle between steps and time…from a young age[,] she was constantly trying to win a race against it, and considers every second of her life a unique moment.”  

But why the hell would you want a clock on a shoe?  It's decorative—clocks have a pleasing round shape that can be strapped onto an accessory for aesthetic detail.  Furthermore, the legs that travel around the timepiece are “running in circles day after day, showing the irony of steps and time and its connection with every modern woman’s life.”  

Clox are the clear choice for “every confident young woman who knows how to manage time and use it to her advantage. They’re elegant, yet unique and rebellious stilettos with character, that can make you ask yourself if you use your time well.”  Marić places some emphasis on the individuality of each Clox wearer: the shoes are a light-hearted but apt representation of a modern woman’s busy but repetitive day-to-day rhythms. Marić encourages wearers to play with the times shown on the Clox—“set your left foot in one time zone and the right foot in another!”

Time means something different to each person and Clox are a way to add that to every fashionista’s self-expression. The shoes are made of premium Italian leather and carefully selected rubber in Croatian and Italian factories. The clocks work like regular wristwatches and the battery is easily replaceable.

Learn more about Clox here.


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