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Watch Tim Kaine Shred the Harmonica While His Wife Does Soft Shoe

The VP hopeful completely murdered a rendition of "Wagon Wheel" while campaigning in North Carolina.

by Matthew James-Wilson
Aug 16 2016, 9:25pm

Virginia senator Tim Kaine has already tried to prove he's just as fun as Elizabeth Warren would have been as Clinton's running mate by busting out a few Trump impressions at the DNC. But on Monday night, Kaine took a whole different tactic to woo voters: He picked up a harmonica and tore into a mean, impromptu blues harp solo at a North Carolina brewery, CNN reports.

Kaine originally told CNN back in July that he carries a bunch of harmonicas in his briefcase "at all times," but until now we haven't gotten to see the man in action. Now, by God, we have, during a campaign stop in Asheville. Kaine accompanied musicians Nikki Talley and Jason Sharp during a cover of "Wagon Wheel"—obviously pandering to the Oogle vote—and then joined the two on "My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains" afterward.

Anne Holton, Kaine's wife, also wanted in on the spotlight, and did what could be best described as a bit of soft shoe during the second song.

We hope that harmonica is just one of Kaine's not-so-hidden talents. He apparently dabbled in cheerleading back in high school, so hopefully he breaks out a few toe touches on the campaign trail before election day.

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