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Submit Photos to Our New Column 'Being Gay Is Beautiful in...'

To celebrate LGBT lives, we're creating a new photo column called "Being Gay Is Beautiful in..." about how great it is to be queer in cities around the globe.

by Mitchell Sunderland
Nov 16 2014, 1:00pm

Photo by Joseph Maida

Every week brings a new crop of stories about LGBT communities being under assault, or some brave homosexuals standing up for their rights in the face of prejudice. Based on the news cycle, you'd think we all lived in a sparkly version of hell. It's true that in many ways, being queer can suck. LGBT people face persecution across the world, and conservatives are constantly brainstorming new ways to make us miserable.

But it's LGBS that so many news stories about queers revolve around homophobia and misery. Besides dealing with a whole lot of crap, LGBT people are living beautiful, diverse lives in a variety of cities across the world.

To celebrate this, we're creating a new photo column called "Being Gay Is Beautiful in..." A few times a month, the column will showcase photos of a different city's LGBT community, displaying how being queer is fucking awesome. If you're an LGBT person with a beautiful life (who doesn't live in New York City or Los Angeles), send a series of photos about LGBT life in your city to

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