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If You're Feeling Shaken by the Election, You Can Email Best Coast About It

Bethany Cosentino has set up an email hotline for those left feeling 'helpless' by the result.

by Lauren O'Neill
Nov 10 2016, 3:08pm

In some slightly more hopeful US election news, Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino has taken a little positive action by setting up an email support hotline, with the intention of helping all those left feeling "empty, disgusted, confused, helpless and scared" by the result of the vote.

She tweeted​, "If you feel scared, discouraged, unsafe, etc. today- I made this: Please write me and I'll do my best to help" in an attempt to comfort fans, specifically those who are members of minority groups.

In an Instagram post, Cosentino vocalised her solidarity with the communities for whom a Trump presidency poses the greatest threat. She commented, "I stand with all of my sisters and brothers today. Immigrants, POC, disabled, women (especially survivors of sexual abuse/assault), poor, single mothers and fathers, minorities, everyone," and has documented her frustration extensively across social media, as you can see below:

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