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Float Towards the Sweet Release of Death With FVNERALS

Stream the dark, doomy, shoegaze trio's imposing new album, 'Wounds.'

by Ben Handelman
Oct 11 2016, 3:00pm

Treading the line between doom's lurching pace and post-rock's larger than life melancholy, Glasgow-based FVNERALS has been crafting a uniquely dark yet human sound since 2013. Following up on two successful EPs and a strong debut LP, the band is poised to deliver Wounds, an album that is both heart-wrenching and imposing in its weight. While songs like "Antlers" and "Teeth" slither and stretch out at a haunting pace, bassist/vocalist Tiffany Strom delivers her lines in a fashion that is equally ethereal and commanding.

While not quite stoic or detached, there's a cold consistency that adds to the chilling nature of these songs. The rare break of unrestrained emotion and pain near the end of the title track stands out, of course, but it feels more like an inevitability than a forced deviation from form. With each of the seven songs exploring suffering in so many forms, it's to be expected that even the greyscale universe of Wounds will have moments of sharp, bright expression. From sparse melody to predatory density, FVNERALS touches upon many key elements of doom metal and even shoegaze at times without ever yielding control of the atmosphere, creating something that is complete without overstaying its welcome.

Wounds is scheduled to be released on The Native Sound​ and Golden Antenna​ (EU) on October 14, but you can listen to it in its entirety below. 

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