This Short Film Takes You Inside the Strange World of Donald Trump Supporters

"When he said that he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, heck yeah, that was it for me."
February 1, 2016, 5:04pm

On Monday, when Iowans cast their votes at the caucuses, the US presidential primaries will officially have begun. So it's appropriate that today's short film is documentarian Sean Dunne's examination of the most divisive of all of the candidates, Donald Trump. While attending a recent Trump rally in Las Vegas, Dunne and a group of friends made this run-and-gun film on their phones. From the first frame, you know you're in for a bunch of bizarre and possibly unhinged rides. Over 21 remarkably breezy minutes, Dunne delivers a firsthand account of what it's like to attend the event of some of these Americans' lifetimes.

Simply titled Trump Rally, Dunne's film doesn't purport to be anything other than observational, but as he interviews dozens of the billionaire's supporters, it becomes difficult not to judge them. Like the man they idolize, these people tend toward simplistic slogans when asked questions; but when pressed or pressured, they lash out like bratty children.

As the venue fills up to capacity and some fans are left in the hallways outside, they resort to name-calling, shoving, and playing the cancer or disability card. Some start to cry. One supporter even tells a police officer holding back the unhappy crowds, "I bet you Trump would change all of this," somehow still oblivious to the fact that the inconvenience was, in fact, Trump's doing. "Maybe he will," the cop replies, which seems like a decent response—if Trump becomes president, anything could happen, including the repeal of maximum occupancy laws.