Boobs-only Lesbians is an important blog about tits written by two partially gay girls. They define their sexuality thus: "For years, women have been forced to define their sexual preference into straight, gay, and bisexual. Recent research has suggested that a fourth category is needed: boobs-only. This describes women who appreciate the company of women, the beauty of women, but with an aversion to the vag."

We got in touch to see what they could teach us about boobs. They also asked their readers to submit pictures of their own boobs and ten of the most magnificent are beneath.

Vice: Where do you think your love of boobs comes from? Were you breastfed for too long or something when you were younger?
Boobs-only Lesbian:
I wasn’t breastfed at all, which probably helps in that I can obsess over breasts without it having anything to do with my mother. My mother and my breasts are completely separate in my mind.

Do you like your own tits?
Of course, and I think every girl should. Tits are great and should be enjoyed.

What makes the perfect breast?
Perfect breasts are completely subjective. I think every breast has a distinct quality, from great big ones you want to lose your face in, to little bee-stings you can happily suck and nibble on.

According to the "boobifesto" on your website, "recent research" has suggested boobs-only lesbianism should be added to the traditional list of sexual preferences. What did that research consist of?
Basically from a group of girls, trashed in the garden of a house party on cheap wine, wittering about the “spectrum of sexuality.” And, as a result realizing that the majority, the “straight” girls, found women attractive and loved boobs, but refrained from acting on that because they didn’t actually want to have sex with them.

What is it about vaginas that so offends you? Isn't its involvement necessary if you actually want to cum?
It’s not offensive as such, just not something that some people find attractive. As we clearly state on our website: "You can touch yourself down there but I don't want to!"

Is it that you love tits a whole lot more than you love vag, or that you hate vag a whole lot more than you love tits?
We are definitely lovers, rather than haters. All power to you if you are keen on the vag, boobs just happen to be our thing.

How many hits are you getting at the moment? Have you had many emails from other women who've been surprised to stumble upon a site that shares that love-hate relationship with the female body?
We’ve had over 20,000 hits in five months which has surprised us no end, given that it essentially started off as a private joke. We find that now people have been introduced to the phenomenon that is boobs-only we have gathered a large following of people who can relate to it to some extent or another. And not just girls, surprisingly a lot of gay men too. Which may evolve into a sister site.

What do you have in mind for the social events you say you want to hold in the future?
This is mainly about having fun, and we’re planning a club night in London on December 11th. This will take place at the George Orwell on Essex Rd., Islington, and will essentially be a night where like-minded folk can meet. Our aim is to break down barriers and encourage people to have fun with whoever they want to be. We’re thinking good music, good people, a boob photobooth and hopefully some great boobs on show.

And you're sure you're not just a couple of fat, pervy guys looking for wanking material?
We’re pervy girls, only one of us is fat and everyone deserves good wanking material.

The Boobs-only Lesbians asked their followers to submit some photos for the poll so we could ascertain which are the boobs du jour.


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