Day Two: Tocca, Tadashi Shoji, and the Fashion Palette Australian Showcase

This year we tasked photographer Conor Lamb with documenting New York Fashion Week, so we wouldn't have to. On day two of NYFW, Conor dove headfirst into the haughty tents that surround Lincoln Center, snapping up pics of waify models in elaborate...

New York Fashion Week is a mindfuck that can't be described by words, so instead here are some pictures. Keep up with this column throughout the week for more NYFW photo updates!

Friday, September 5, 2013

Friday, September 5, 2013

Aurelio Costarella, Et Al, Phillip Galasso, Akira, Mossee, Nicola Finetti, Steven Khalil
Friday, September 5, 2013

Conor Lamb is a freelance photographer who hails from the Midwest where he studied lightning and photography. He's exhausted from all the shitty parties he used to document when night-life photography was still a thing. He has a penchant for shooting hip-hop artists, and he's covered fashion stuff for us in the past. He has a Joy Division tattoo and, according to a very good source, he and his girlfriend like to dress up as juggalos. His work can be found here.

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